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If you know someone, who can be interested in our company’s activity, please push the blue star and send a message to him.


Our goal

We do not only offer another job. Our goal is to help you to realize your dream.

  1. BulletProfessional challenge and development

  2. BulletFinancial security

  3. BulletSocial security for the whole family


About us

Formatio is a Swedish medical recruitment company offering the Swedish hospitals nurses and specialist doctors in many different medical speciality areas.

Our clients are the hospitals in Sweden, as well as the nurses and the doctors and their families.

We recruit  for permanent positions with exellent conditions.

We recruit

We recruit in a wide range of medical areas and have a constant need to get in contact with specialists in many different areas like:

  1. Bullet Internal Medicine

  2. BulletPulmonology

  3. BulletCardiology

  4. BulletNephrology

  5. BulletHaematology

  6. BulletMedical Gastroenterology

  7. BulletOncology

  8. BulletPsychiatry

  9. BulletChild and Adolescence Psychiatry

  10. BulletRadiology

We are currently searching. Click to open job description.