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Who are Formatio?

Formatio’s field of activity is in the medical recruitment area, providing work for specialist doctors and for nurses. Our partners are both private and public hospitals.

We have more than 15 years of experience from recruitment and selection to the Swedish health care.  

Formatio provides a possibility to enter the Swedish healthcare and to start a new career.

Who are the usual requirements to be a candidate?

The formal requirements are

  1. medical university degree

  2. specialist diploma

  3. clinical experience

  4. fulfilled Swedish language course and its final language examination

Besides we look at a lot of other parameters as we do in all recruitments.

What support can I expect from Formatio?

Among other things we will assist you in;

  1. Swedish language training

  2. Travel arrangements

  3. Visit at the hospital and presentation to the manager/colleagues

  4. Accommodation

  5. Permanent Swedish ID

  6. Permits and other certifications concerning medical work in Sweden

  7. Opening of Swedish bank account (with bank card and internet banking)

  8. Administrative arrangements with the Swedish tax and migration authorities

  9. Apartment/house rental

  10. Kindergarten and school arrangements

  11. Moving the family to Sweden

Besides this we will do our best to assist you and solve all daily problems that may occur.

How much money will I earn?

The salary is calculated from 40 working-hours per week. When you make evening-, night- and weekend-shift you will earn more. It is also possible to make extra shifts.

Your basic salary follows the agreements valid for all doctors in Sweden, with a small reduction for your introduction period, approximately the first 6 months.

What am I expected to do to show my interest for a job in Sweden?

Please send a personal letter together with your CV and a photo. We are interested in almost all specialist cathegories.

What will happen after sending my CV?

We contact you to arrange for a personal meeting and interview in Budapest

Moving to Sweden and start a new job often means also to start a new life. This is a process with many questions and, when needed, it has to take time. After the interview we use to have a period of some weeks with mail correspondence to carry out all the questions.

If you get an offer from us and if you accept it we make a mutual agreement. The agreement gives you financial security during the language course period of 4-5 months.

What am I expected to do after signing the agreement?

Formatio arrange Swedish language courses in Budapest. The courses are held by a professional language training institute.

The course is full-time, 5 days per week for about 5 months with additional homework. You are obliged to follow the course full time and do the very best to learn the Swedish language. The course contains weekly assessments.

How long is my contract duration with the employer in Sweden?

We are only offering permanent positions.

If you prefer to leave your workplace you have to leave a written notice 3 months in advance. Normally you have a commitment to the employer not to leave before 2 years.

How is my accommodation arranged?

Formatio helps you to find an accommodation, after your requirements. You pay for it by yourself. If you like you can buy an apartment or a villa after a while.

How can I bring my family to Sweden?

We make our best to provide you with the most suitable work that fits as well your competences and your areas of interest. But we also try to make sure that you are happy in your private life in Sweden. Therefore we like to assist you in moving your family here.  Maybe you will start up by yourself and move the rest of your family a bit later. When you find it being the right time we can assist you practical arrangements such as registrations of family members, finding schools and many other things.

At the work place

The Swedish health care is highly quality focused. The technical equipment and the working environments are most often top of the line.

The workload is generally lower than in Hungary and is focused on using the doctor’s special education and abilities, which means less administrative tasks and often a challenging work from a medical point of view.

The communication between colleagues and nurses is in general informal and friendly.


You have full coverage

In case of emergency or acute problems

After a few weeks you will be tax resident in Sweden. Then you get the personal ID number which gives you access to the same service as all Swedish citicens.

Until all formalities are finalized you can use the system as an EU citizen. Therefore you bring your E111 card from your home country.

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