The recruitment process

  1. 1.First of all we would like to have a fresh CV and a photo.

  2. 2.Then we usually try to set up a time for a personal meeting and an interview as soon as possible. If you live in Hungary the meeting is in Budapest.
    If you live in other countries the meeting usually is in your home country.

  3. 3.You get written information sent by mail.

  4. 4.If everything turns out well at the interview you are invited to Sweden to visit the hospital with the job offer. The visit takes about 3 days, including travel time, but can be adapted to your personal wishes. You have a one-day-program at the hospital, meeting the Head of the Department and your future colleagues. You will also be guided in the city, visiting living areas, schools and kindergartens (if applicable). We provide you with everything concerning the visit, like information, travel tickets and hotel accommodation.

  5. 5.If there is a mutual interest, from you and from the employer, after your visit, you get an employment proposal and a contract. The contract is valid provided that you fulfill and are approved at the Swedish language course.

  6. 6.When you have the Swedish employment contract you can leave a notice to your employer about leaving your current job.

  7. 7.The next step is the Swedish language course. The course takes approximately 16 weeks for B2-level and 22 weeks for C1-level. During the course you have weekly examinations and in the end a final examination.

  8. 8.After finishing the course you go back home and prepare for the resettlement to Sweden. The starting date of your new job is a matter between you and the employer.

  9. 9.It is you own responsibility to arrange the moving to Sweden, like travel and moving your furniture.

  10. 10.We help you to find an apartment and we give assistance in many practical matters when you arrive to Sweden.




phone: 0046 70 565 0511

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