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Some of the comments written by those who already have experience with us, and the Swedish conditions. After the inteview we can give you the contact details of some of the doctors, who have been already working with us.

Dr. Peter H. :

Recently I moved to Sweden and surgical gastroenterology specialist exams in my pocket, at the age of 45. The idea of working abroad had not been away from me, but before the EU accession it was difficult to achieve. I chose Swedenbecouse of prior language learning opportunities, the Scandinavian modesty, peace, love, creativity, common sense thinking, was chosen because of helpfulness. I met Formatio at a job fair. I didn’t spoke Swedish, and English have not used a long time ago, so I was afraid of the interview. I had two interviews one in Budapest, and the second one in Sweden.

 Previously, I never imagined that such interviews can be. There was an absolutely casual, friendly atmosphere, the language was just so important that a man can make himself understood. The interviews were successful and things have actually gone on their own. A contract for five months after the Swedish language courses followed, full time, funded by the Swedish partner. Payment for the duration of the course, or so called scholarship was higher than my salary at hospita. At the course my primary job was to learn. The main teacher is really good and he really knows their stuff.

Formation of the connection along with a very positive experiences have been the first meeting which is even more later surpassed. There were unexplained, unanswered questions, disingenuous, you are misinformed. What was promised to end it. Formatio’s representative Roger Augustini visited the course several times, and addressed all the administrative stuff, eg. register of the Swedish health care system.

By the end of the course everyone had a rented apartment in Sweden.  My family came a few weeks after me. It’s typical for swedish people’s helpfulness that my landlord offered himself to wait with paying him until I have some income. At the hospital everyone is very friendly and helpful. There are many foreigners working here beside me, from a range variaty of the world.  The integration needs plenty of time. Learning to operate the local health system, hospital information technology, administration, where the dining room is, where you can get clean clothes, ask for the room key, etc...

It’s more than a year ago that I went to the job fair and there’s a lot of work behind me, although I feel very well and my family members are also satisfied with our new life.



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